Fairy Food Mother’s Color Mystery

Fairy Food Mother’s Color Mystery is a Fruity Tale like a Fairy Tale book that will teach kids about eating fruits and vegetables through a fun filled interactive story.

The goal of writing this book was just one thought “Eating right starts early!” Why wait for kids to grow up, why not encourage and teach them early on by reading stories. This book is a fairy tale story that encourages kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. It is a combination of cartoons and real life pictures with easy to understand rhyming (like Cat in the Hat books) fairy tale story with four characters in the book. Illustrations and photography was done by professional cartoonist and photographer. It is a very colorful book! This book has been tested with several kids including picky eaters, parents and teachers. This book has gone through several revisions based on the feedback received from the kids, moms and teachers. A tracking sheet is provided at the end of the book for parents to track their kids progress on eating right. I am sure all the dietitians dealing with picky eaters, moms, teachers and kids are going to love this book. My kids love it!



I occasionally look for books to read to students in the classroom that teach a lesson especially about healthy eating. Shivani's "Fruity Tale" is a simple to read, creative, and fun way to teach young children to taste a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. I enjoyed the way the fairy tale characters were used to connect with children by encouraging them with real children and food pictures to experience the taste and learn the benefits of healthy eating!

Dora Rivas, R.D.,M.S.,S.N.S
Has worked with nutrition education for school-age children for over 30 years


Recent Testimonial:

Pediatrician recommended 7 year old child to do feeding therapy thinking there is an issue. After careful analysis, I found out that child did not have any problem after all. I read this book to him and gave a tracking sheet to the mom. Within one week child started to eat almost everything, including new fruits and vegetables! I was just so happy to see the improvement in child. Now this child has been asking his mom to go back to the "Nutrition Doctor" to show how good he has become. His Pediatrician is of course very happy and amazed at his progress!


Parent Testimonial:

"I would like to tell you that my son has lots of improvement and he is getting better in trying new food items, after your consulting he started eating string cheese, mango, veggie burger, homemade spinach quesadilla etc. He is still little bit picky in his foods but your chart worked with him in trying new items, the vegetable color book also helped him in choosing the right color for the right food. So I am still working with him and will keep you updated on his progress. That chart also helped him not eating junk food and in making a right food choice. I modified the chart by adding points on it since he is fond of numbers and I give him bonus points if he tries something new. For smiley face I started giving him 10,000 points. Also for trying something new I gave him 10,000 pts. So that’s how it is working with my child. Dr. Shivani thanks for helping us out. Have a great day."

Thank you,

Mom of a 7 year old


Teacher Testimonial:

"I read the book - Fairy Food Mother’s Color Mystery by Shivani Sharma to my class of four and five year olds. They were very enthusiastic to hear about “Eating various colors of fruits and vegetables”. At lunch time when we opened our lunch boxes, everyone wanted to talk about what “colors” they had brought to eat! There was much discussion about healthy foods and junk foods. And every day since, we examine our lunch boxes to see who has scored well on eating healthy." Thank you, Shivani Sharma, for creating this awareness in my class.

Shalini Mansukhani
Montessori Teacher


Photography by Orville Hector

When Orville Hector was in the seventh grade he knew photography was his calling because being behind the camera was a safe place for him. Orville Hector is an award winning photographer and spent most of his photography career working as a photojournalist in Ashland ,Oregon. His work has been published both nationally and internationally while working as a journalist. Now he operates a successful photography business in the Dallas, Texas. A unique thing about Orville is he not only captures wonderful images he also spends time with his clients because their success is also his success. For more info click here.


Illustrations by Curt Evans

Curt Evans started cartooning as a kid...and never stopped. In high school his work appeared weekly in a motocross newspaper which led to cartooning for several international magazines. He has a degree in Studio Art from UC Santa Barbara. His drawings are on over 100 T-shirt designs. His lives in Ashland, Oregon, and has taught at Southern Oregon University's Youth programs. Like his Facebook page - "Curt Evans Cartoons"


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